Refund Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with the functionalities offered by Slow PC Fixer, please contact customer support team of Slow PC Fixer within 30 days of your purchase for a refund. By contacting the team of Slow PC Fixer, you can know details on how to return the Software and get a refund of the amount paid by you.

After 30 days of time period, Slow PC Fixer does not initiate the process of refund if you change your mind. However, after 30 days of time period – you can anytime contact the support team of slow PC fixer at We ensure that the customer representatives of Slow PC Fixer will happily solve your queries you may have regarding the software.

In case you are issued with a refund, it will reveal on your credit card statement within 10-15 business days. You shall stop using the software and destroy all its copies, partial or full, after receiving a refund. Developers of Slow PC Fixer reserves the right to disable any serial numbers or product keys issued to you for the refunded products.

Slow PC Fixer will not credit or refund the difference between the costs you were charged as well as the limited-time fall in price, as those prices occur only during special sales events.

Please Note: This 30-day refund applies to only your Slow PC Fixer subscription. This money-back guarantee does not cover any other purchases you made with Slow PC Fixer product.

If you received the software as a bundled product like with the purchase of any other software or with the purchase of your PC, and at that time if you fail to inform Slow PC Fixer Software Providers that you are not satisfied with the offerings the software has within the guarantee period, then you will not be permitted for a refund. Also note that any purchases not made directly through the Slow PC Fixer website are not eligible for refund. Refunds for such purchases will be in compliance to the individual sellers’ refund policy. For this, we recommend you to contact the reseller directly for commencing the refund process.

Kindly don’t hesitate to contact Slow PC Fixer for assistance; it is certainly the fastest way to request a refund.

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